WIZT: The Truly Innovative Next Step in Home Organization

Have you been looking for a way to take your home organization to the next level? Most of the time, this entails going the limit in terms of keeping a record of every item in your home. The key to successful home organization, after all, is to have a comprehensive list of your entire inventory (the same can be said for any type of organizational endeavor, for that matter).

That’s only half of the equation, though. For you would also have to always be in the know of where each item is located. This part gets tricky, and this is where the full potential of the WIZT app comes in. It makes use of augmented reality technology that allows users to put digital stickers on their items, so they would immediately be able to locate them individually.

The two major features of the app are the ability to label your item (to easily identify and register, so to speak, each one) and the capability to always be able to find them using your smartphone. Those are practically the primary functions of the app that showcase its bonafide originality and excellent utilization of AR.

You can immediately begin labeling items by tapping on the Create Label icon (represented by a +). Just enter the label name then take a picture of the item, and you’re done. This item will now be recorded in your account, and you will always be afforded with a good overview of every object you record in the app’s main interface. WIZT’s AR digital sticker can then be subsequently attached to these items so you can always easily locate them when using the said technology.
WIZT AppAnother very useful feature of the app is the ability to construct floor plans of the building where these items are found. This particular feature allows you to assign rooms for each item you have recorded. This only ever makes it easier for you to organize all of them, and of course, keep track of them at the same time. Lastly, WIZT will also include a share function so you can promptly make it known to others where specific items are located.
Find important documents and household goods in seconds with WIZT

All the features of the app are synergistic and work in great harmony together. Obviously, you can expect no less from an app that is designed to assist in home organization. That being said, WIZT’s capitalization of advanced technologies like AR readily sets it apart. It brings plenty of new and exciting possibilities to the field of organization that are totally unprecedented, to say the least.

You can test out the WIZT application thanks to the beta version being available on Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store for both Android and iOS device users
Android Beta Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wizt
iOS Beta Link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/00UdZQAb

Additionally, for more information on the application, you can check out there website here: https://helios-eos.com

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