Buy an iPhone for under $100

The iPhone 5 was released in 2012, redefining the classic design language while also introducing a new dimension. It was gorgeous, well-built and thin.

It’s practically not advisable to buy the iPhone 5 in 2018, however, you may heard of this line earlier “If you don’t own an iPhone, you don’t own an iPhone”. That’s true, an iPhone offers a completely different experience compared to other Android phones out in the market.

The reason for offering an experience that is able to differentiate itself is that the company makes the phones by itself and no other manufacturers get to integrate Apple’s mobile OS. It’s made just for the iPhone.

There are many people, who would like to buy an iPhone but find that it’s out of their budget. Of course, that’s true for Apple’s flagship phones. It’s not a compulsion that if you want to buy an iPhone then you have to buy the latest and the best. Just don’t get tempted by Apple’s iPhone ads.

If you are planning your first smartphone purchase and your budget is well below $100, then you should take a look at the iPhone 5. It may sound crazy, however, but do the read the whole article.

The iPhone 5 runs on older hardware and older software; also apps could stop supporting the model in the near future, however, if your main reason to buy an iPhone is just to do basic texting or maybe basic browsing and not doing professional photography, running augmented reality apps then you may actually be fine using the iPhone 5.

To outline some of the problems with the iPhone 5, they are-
1. Bad battery backup

For 2012, the battery capacity was good enough, however, with the latest software making its way to the phone. Also, the iPhone 5 was never good in terms of battery life. Nonetheless, with basic texting or browsing, you should be fine.

2. Software hiccups

Apps are getting updated almost every month and the app makers don’t tend focus on optimizations for old phones. So, expect few slowdowns. Needless to say, with basic browsing or texting, you should be fine.

So, if you can live with that, just pick up an unlocked iPhone 5 on Amazon or any other store you know nearby. I’m not saying that iPhone 5 is the best phone available under $100 but that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone under $100.