iPhone 7 is water-resistant

Should you buy an iPhone 7 in 2018?

Apple launched the iPhone 7 in 2016 and its still one of the popular iPhone as the company cuts price of its older models after every new release. The iPhone is...
iPhone SE2 is rumoured to release in May

iPhone SE2 with upgraded internals confirmed to release in May

Rumours of a new iPhone SE have been swirling for sometime now: initially it was said that the company is indeed working on a compact phone but then the rumours watered...
Google's new service Chat will be based on RCS

Chat: Google’s new iMessage competitor based on RCS

Smartphones have hooked us to texting; taking the T9 experience even further. But of late, texting has turned into a mess; the app stores are filled with tons of messaging apps...
An image of Apple Smartwatches.

Are Apple Smartwatches Suited For Games?

The Apple watch isn’t obviously suited to gaming because it has a small screen and can only really be controlled by one hand. However due to the massive user base the...
The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower series is re-penned as a reboot by Amazon

After the astoundingly negative reception the Dark Tower film got, it seemed likely that the TV series would be cancelled. But lo and behold, Amazon bravely decided to push forward with...

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