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Gaming on the Go

We gamblers are lucky to live in an age where games are readily available whenever we feel like playing. It used to be that we had to travel to wager money on slots or tables, but who has the time for frequent casino ventures nowadays? Unless you live in Vegas, that is! Nothing beats that feeling you get while in a crowded casino, there’s people laughing and cheering, there’s music and drinks and food. Most of us are not so fortunate, though, so when online gaming appeared, we took the next best thing: playing in our own homes, on our trusty desktops or laptops. But when mobile gaming started, that’s when we really hit the jackpot. Long bus rides, waiting for ages at the doctor’s office or other mundane time-wasters are no longer so boring after all, because we can spend that time gambling!

How Does it Work?

All you need is a decent smartphone or tablet (even the oldest generations will do), and a reasonably fast broadband, like 4G or 3G service. Once you have these, what’s left is to find a real money mobile application for a nice gaming site of your choosing, and there you have a little portable casino that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Real Money Casino Apps

You don’t have to fret whether your device is supported or not – most mobile-friendly online casinos are optimized for all types and operating systems: Android, Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, you name it. Not every site supports all devices, of course, but you can easily find the app for the one you use. The most numerous are definitely Android casino apps, so if you want a wide selection of gaming sites, this is your best bet. Google stores won’t allow real money casino apps for Americans, so if you live here either be prepared for a more thorough search, or seek the helpful hand of awesome gambling portals that have already found the best mobile casino apps for you. What’s great about these directories is that they take good care to show only respectable online venues that won’t rip you off and leave you sobbing in a corner.

There is one thing, however, where having the latest edition phone makes a significant difference. As you know, there are high-definition slots with amazing graphics and a whole bunch of features that require powerful processors to load and play. For those demanding games, you’ll want to have an equally powerful smartphone or tablet, but other than that, it really doesn’t matter as much.

Is there a Difference?

In most cases, mobile casinos look and perform the same as they do on laptops or PC’s. They are properly optimized to allow for a fast and glitch-free gameplay. Not every game will always be available, however, but you can always count on a wide choice of slots, and for the most part, table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, and video poker variants.

A proper mobile version offers the same, high-functioning interface where cashier, promotions, help and other sections or tabs are easily discernable and accessible. Opening an account, depositing and browsing through the software offering functions in the usual way and there is nothing new or different to note. While malware can infect phones, it is extremely rare and not the same as PC viruses – these are practically nonexistent on Android devices. The only thing you’ll have to get used to is maneuvering around a smaller screen with tiny buttons, but that’s a small price to pay for the flexibility and freedom mobile games provide.

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