iPhone 11 (XI) Release Date, Specs, Price, News and Updates

iPhone 11 and iPhone XI

Already bored of your iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Well, you most probably are as you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place. So in this article, we will be writing about the release date, specs (specifications), and price of the iPhone 11.

First of all, any information provided in this article is not official and has been written on what we can expect in the upcoming iPhone 11 whereas no official statements have been made regarding the iPhone 11 yet. Although, we will surely update this article as soon as new official statements or news are received from Apple regarding the iPhone 11.

According to us, the upcoming iPhone 11 could be named as the “iPhone XI”, as Apple did name the iPhone 10 as iPhone X. Although the iPhone 10 and iPhone X are pronounced the same, it would be pronounced the same for the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.

When will the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI release?

As Apple hasn’t made any statements on the release date for the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI, we are expecting it to be released in September or November 2018. Now, we know that the iPhone X was released in November 2017 and most of you might be wondering what if it is released in October 2018?

iPhone 11 - iPhone XI
A photoshopped image by Tapscape, showing how the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI would look like when being released.

Well, other mobile companies actually release their new smartphones in the month of October, so we believe Apple would surely keep the phone from belief released in the same month. After all, Apple wants its iPhone devices to remain special and not release it within its competitor’s dates.

What are the specs (specifications) of the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

We could expect a new chip called A11, also called “Bionic” in the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. This would ensure that the iPhone is faster. Although, there haven’t been any official statemates made by Apple regarding the specs of the upcoming iPhone yet.

Now, we aren’t sure if Apple is to add any more pixels to its camera, but we can surely expect some software updates for the camera to add more features to it. After all, they did add a new feature to the iPhone X by making you look like a monkey when you try to send a virtual message to a friend. We could expect a few more feature like those, as iPhone users did find it entertaining.

What would be the prices of the upcoming iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

As usual, the iPhone price would be high. We expect the upcoming iPhone price to be around $1,300 USD. Seems expensive? Well, this is what an iPhone actually costs, to be honest. It will cost higher depending on how much storage space you want on the iPhone.

How would the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI overall design look like?

We can expect the upcoming iPhone 11 design to be similar to the iPhone X, that is with a large screen till the edges, with a metal body, a glassy back for wireless charging, and a vertical angled camera. As there are no official statements made by Apple for the design or camera, who knows it may have a horizontal angled camera?

iPhone 11 or iPhone XI Image
An image photoshopped by us of the upcoming iPhone X or iPhone XI.

Now before you go down to the comment box, commenting what’s this rubbish posted, this article had been written on 10 November 2017. During the of writing this article, there had been no leaks, news or any information available regarding the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. All information provided in this article are predictions of ours, and what we could expect in the upcoming iPhone device.

Although, as soon as we receive official statements, updates, news by Apple or any information being leaked, we will surely update this article. So make sure to bookmark this page and have a browse at this page within a couple of months, as that’s when rumors would publish news and leaks regarding the upcoming iPhone.

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