Follow – Drive Together App Review

Follow” is an excellent app as it is not only one of the most refined navigation systems, but also incredibly accurate! The app caters for many features that make it different to other typical navigation apps (Google Maps, Mapquest etc.). This application allows you to allocate your friends or family at any given time and place, whether it be a never-ending road trip or a spontaneous get-together.

Image of Follow: Drive Together App Showing Key Functionality

The tool functions in an efficient manner, in which all one has to do is plot in the starting point and designated destination as well as the leading driver (to be followed) and a following driver. Moreover, there is absolutely no limit to the amount of followers that can be added, which only means one thing, more synchronised journeys with large groups of people! All you have to do is sit back and let “Follow” work its charm as it renders the shortest, simplest and fastest route for you and calibrates for all parties involved in the journey.

Image of Follow: Drive Together App Showing Another Key Functionality

In addition, this makes it blatantly impossible to lose track of your companions as the app will notify the leader of any directions, turns or stops made by other drivers during the course of the trip. Furthermore, this allows users to navigate securely and more efficiently than you would without this application.

The concept behind the Follow: Drive Together app is a solid one, with a working application, and many positive reviews on iTunes having 5 Star ratings indicates that the application is very much useful.

Other functionalities of the mobile software includes:

  • Real-time navigation of where leader is located
  • Hands-free audio navigation
  • Multi-follower functionality
Image of Follow: Drive Together App Showing it’s Interface

The application can be found for iOS users on iTunes App Store and also for Android devices on the Google PlayStore.