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Sfara’s Guardian offers a comprehensive set of safety features on your iPhone

Safety is one of the factors that keeps a group of people together, so that if any help is required, there will be someone to help. However, some situations might call...
iPhone Security Apps

Essential iPhone Apps for Security

Your phone most likely is your life. It has so much information about you, including personal images, birthdays, credit cards, phone numbers and banking information. All of the information stored on...

Here’s how you can save money using your smartphone

Planning on saving money, huh? It’ll be tough not to spend money at the theatres, on the food, and at all the blah blah. But your best friend can help you...

Snap Inc. reportedly working on Spectacles 2.0

It has been reported that Snap will launch a new version of their smart Spectacles this year. They also mentioned that a more advanced version with two cameras would be released...

The best photo editing apps for iOS and Android

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better at their game, however, most of the times the pics are not ready for instant share. The picture may need to cropped, rotated, or...
Journo Travel Journal iOS App Review

Journo Travel Journal iOS App Review

Journo is the number 1 travel journal application on iOS created by Journo Inc. The application’s core purpose is for traveling enthusiasts to jot down their own stories so they can...
Healthy Minds Online

iOS App-Review: Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing

Statistics suggests that 1 in 4 people in the world will one day be affected by a mental illness or some form of a neurological disorder at least once in their...
Playing Card

Love Playing Card Games? Download Indian Rummy App & Win Cash

Are you a true card game lover, who loves to play, challenge and win card games? Well, if you are nodding in agreement, then here is something that you are not...
Review Sticker Market Become Part of The Future of Texting

Review: Sticker Market – Become Part of The Future of Texting

As technology advances, it is becoming easier and easier to implement more complex graphics into each element of a smartphone. Ever since the first release of emojis onto the smartphone platform,...
Follow – Drive Together

Follow – Drive Together App Review

Follow" is an excellent app as it is not only one of the most refined navigation systems, but also incredibly accurate! The app caters for many features that make it different...
Review of Sports Betting Mobile App Odds

Review of Sports Betting Mobile App Odds

It’s time to we did a review of sports betting mobile app odds and find out if it can make the life of a recreational, or even professional, sports bettor that...
7 Sultans Real Money App Review

7 Sultans Real Money App Review

Lots of people are going to be interested in reading a 7 Sultans real money app review. This is one of the most popular of the online casinos that people are...

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