HP makes a rugged, education centric laptop : the ProBook x360

HP makes a rugged, education centric laptop : the ProBook x360

Hewlett Packard aka HP revealed a new laptop : the ProBook x360 Education Edition. As the name suggests, this laptop is aimed at educational purposes.

The company says that this laptop sports a solid, military grade body, which the company says is a must in the school environments. In schools, many students flock to use a single laptop (differs from school to school), in the process, it goes from one hand to another, increasing the chances of breaking it or spoiling it.

The ProBook x360 aims to change that. A laptop that is made specially for educational institutes.

Also, as the name suggest “x360”, it’s a convertible, meaning it can be used in two modes, as a traditional laptop or as a tablet. ProBook x360 is a low-end, cheap touch Windows laptop but still using high quality materials.

HP’s head of education, Gus Schmedlen, says that the ProBook x360 meets the MIL-STD-810G standard, a “tested to military field standards”, as reported by The Verge.

The company doesn’t fails to mention that, they have been testing these laptops by pushing them off tables which are of the height of normal desks found at schools, and onto concrete and steel floors. It’s a laptop that won’t break immediately like others found on the market, says HP.

The keyboard is also liquid spill resistant; up to 12 ounces.

The screen on the laptop measures 11 inches, however, the body is behemoth compared to other laptops with same screen sizes; the body measures, somewhat, similar to a 13 inch laptop.

Among other features, the laptop comes with a classroom management software, a LED light on the back of the display which turns on when the laptop is connected to WiFi, letting the teachers know. Also, there is a camera on the palm rest area, which can be used to shoot videos in tablet mode.

HP hasn’t revealed the pricing details yet. Maybe that’s because this laptop meant to be sold directly to the schools and not through any third-party vendors.