An image of strategy games on a mobile phone

Upping Your Game: 5 Strategy Games That You’ll Love Playing on Mobile

The brain is much more plastic than you think. You can shape it, flex it, and stretch it. And, this understanding of brain plasticity is crucial to appreciating the changes you...

PayPal is set to fade away as cryptocurrencies take over

The service that made Elon Musk his first small fortune, is further leaning into the wayside. This comes after the news of PayPal raising its transaction and credit/debit card fees. It also...

Inbox by Gmail is nearing the end of its lifespan

AI is taking over a big part of many Google products, such as Gmail and Google Drive. A big part of Inbox by Gmail was that it arranged your mail into...
Red Bull's website hacked

Red Bull’s website hacked twice during a breach

The popular canned energy drink maker Red Bull's website has been hacked. The main pages don’t appear to be affected but if looked closely, the site has newly created pages. The...
iPhone 7 is water-resistant

Should you buy an iPhone 7 in 2018?

Apple launched the iPhone 7 in 2016 and its still one of the popular iPhone as the company cuts price of its older models after every new release. The iPhone is...
iPhone SE2 is rumoured to release in May

iPhone SE2 with upgraded internals confirmed to release in May

Rumours of a new iPhone SE have been swirling for sometime now: initially it was said that the company is indeed working on a compact phone but then the rumours watered...
Google's new service Chat will be based on RCS

Chat: Google’s new iMessage competitor based on RCS

Smartphones have hooked us to texting; taking the T9 experience even further. But of late, texting has turned into a mess; the app stores are filled with tons of messaging apps...
An image of Apple Smartwatches.

Are Apple Smartwatches Suited For Games?

The Apple watch isn’t obviously suited to gaming because it has a small screen and can only really be controlled by one hand. However due to the massive user base the...
Amazon's Internet communicator

Internet: A lightweight browser by Amazon

Amazon is ready to compete with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla with its new browser, named, ‘Internet’. As the name suggests, the browser does just that, it acts as an “Internet” communicator...
Is Siri bad?

Siri vs. Google Assistant: Which is better and why?

Apple was the first to release a voice-based virtual assistant but it has fallen behind the newcomers. Siri was released in 2011, along with the iPhone 4s, it displayed how through...

Nanocase wants to extend your iPhone’s battery life

There are a lot of ways you can get through the day without charging your iPhone. Putting it airplane mode will do the trick of course. But you might as well...

The Kronaby smart watches are the most premium on the market

Kronaby, a Swedish watchmaker, is relatively new to the relatively niche market of wearable tech. Though being from Sweden has put them at any advantage, with all their peers and history...

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