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Galaxy Camera to come to AT&T

Samsung’s line of Galaxy products has been welcome to smartphones, tablets, and the so called ‘phablet’ as to describe devices such as the Galaxy Note 2. Well Samsung will be bringing a new device into the Galaxy camera in the form of the Galaxy Camera.

The Galaxy Camera will be available through AT&T and make use of the companies 4G LTE network to allow consumers to post pictures they take directly to Facebook and Twitter, but there are also options to connect to 3G and Wifi networks. The device was first revealed at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The camera looks like your standard point and shoot camera, but sports a 4.8 inch touch screen display. The Galaxy Camera boasts a 21x optical zoom lens and a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. The sensor is 1/2.3 inches in size, which is on par with current point-and-shoot cameras.

As expected, sharing your photos will be easily accessible through email and a variety of social networks. You will also have a keyboard to help type emails, write captions, or tag photos. The camera will also have access to Google Play for great photo apps and it allows you to easily organize photos and search for them by time, location, or even face.

The Galaxy Camera looks to have a very similar design to other devices such as the S3, but it is a niche market. Many people are satisfied with the camera quality on current smartphones and may not see the need for purchasing a separate camera. Plus smartphones allow for phone calls, surfing the internet, and a lot of other features that won’t be available on the stand alone Galaxy Camera. No pricing has been released yet and a release date is still unavailable although one may assume that Samsung will want this device out before the holidays.


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