iPhone 7 Camera: The Next Revolution

In 2005, the world's best selling mp3 player was the iPod mini. Apple stunned analysts and customers by replacing it with the iPod nano, which went on to become the best...

Kickstarter Watch: iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone

There's a new tech accessory called the iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone, and it's gaining some attention on Kickstarter. The iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone is a really cool-looking product designed to turn...
Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung to release Galaxy Camera ‘Wi-Fi only’ version

The Galaxy brand has a been a bit of a godsend for Samsung. It probably one of the reasons why they attached it to a new line of cameras that they...

Lytro-like Camera Sensor for Smartphones and Tablets From Toshiba in 2013

Often times, when we whip out our smartphones in hopes of catching some rare or significant moment on film, we only have one shot at getting a quality photo. Whether it...
Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera is available at AT&T today

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has had many viewers confused, wondering whether Samsung’s idea is to bridge the gap between camera devices and smartphones or if they are just trying to put more sharing...
samsung galaxy camera

Galaxy Camera to come to AT&T

Samsung’s line of Galaxy products has been welcome to smartphones, tablets, and the so called ‘phablet’ as to describe devices such as the Galaxy Note 2. Well Samsung will be bringing...
Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 4S Camera

Nokia Lumia 920’s PureView Technology Impresses at Photokina 2012

The Nokia Lumia 920 has a lot going for it. The phone got a relatively different design aesthetic than most devices in the same class and it will be introducing users...
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone is the company’s latest Android device, which was first officially announced at the IFA 2012 conference in Berlin, Germany on August 29.The device is the...

Samsung Galaxy S Camera In The Works, So Says Rumor

Recently Nikon announced it was getting in the smart-camera business with the Android-based CoolPix S800c. Essentially the Nikon camera is an ICS media player device that also doubles as a 16MP...
nikon android camera

Android-Powered Nikon Coolpix S800C Camera Announced

With smartphone optics getting better and better these days, point and shoot camera sales have taken a bit of a hit. Nikon is no stranger to those woes and is trying...

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