SoftBank, the Japanese carrier releases Star Wars themed phones

Star Wars is one of the biggest movie franchise ever; the fan base is huge. With a spin-off scheduled for December, a Japanese mobile carrier, is trying to capture the fans.

The carrier, SoftBank, has released two Android smartphones – Dark Side Edition and Light Side Edition. Choose your side. If you’re a Star Wars fan, this is a pretty good pick.

The phones are made by Sharp, the company which made the almost bezel less phone – the Sharp Aquas. How the phones perform is a question, however, here are the specs:

The phone also comes with an inbuilt TV tuner and an expandable micro-SD slot. The specs sound pretty good but it’s not just about the specs, is it?! A 22.6 megapixel camera doesn’t means great pics, better than the iPhone 7, the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, the Nokia’s 40 megapixel camera phone took pics which had high quality in terms of pixels but the overall picture quality was unsatisfactory.

The phone goes on sale in Japan on December 2nd. Planning on shifting to Japan? Makes sense, don’t worry about others will say (lol).

The Star Wars stuff that come with the phone: