Why Teens Can’t Get Enough of Snapchat

It’s common for apps or websites to have an initial surge of popularity before leveling off after a while. Such a cycle has happened to many of the most popular online platforms. Yet Snapchat has enjoyed what seems to be a constant surge among the teenagers who populate it more than anybody else. Even as other apps and sites try to steal their thunder, teens tend to be loyal to Snapchat above any other competitors that might come into the arena.

It is a fascinating phenomenon, to see such an ideal match between a social media platform and a demographic. For certain, other app makers and web companies would love to identify it and bottle it if they could. Part of it comes down to the unique psychology of teenagers, who tend to be flexible in a lot of areas and yet fiercely loyal to the things that speak to them the most. The other factors are the unique characteristics of Snapchat, which appeal to teenagers on a deep-seated level very few apps could even hope to approach.

If your child uses Snapchat and you are concerned about their activity within the app, you can use a Snapchat spy to make sure they aren’t doing something they might regret down the road. Examining just what makes Snapchat so special to teens requires knowing what makes it unique from other apps.

Something All Their Own

Snapchat’s main feature is that it gives users a chance to take photos that they can distribute digitally among friends, photos which then are erased a short time after they are posted. In that way, teenagers likely feel like they have a form of communication with their friends that can’t be interrupted by others. As teenagers are at a place in their lives where they are trying to find out where they fit into the world, Snapchat essentially forms a secret community all their own, separate from the world of their parents.

Creativity Enhanced

Teenage years are often the time in one’s life when creativity starts to peak. When you add on the fact that teens usually have a firm grasp of technology, the various filters and effects that can be added to Snapchat photos give them the ideal venue in which to express their creativity. It can almost seem like they’ve created their own language via these photos and all the various add-ons, one that can only be understood by people of their own age.

Simply Fun

In the case of teenagers’ affinity for Snapchat, attempting to analyze it may be beside the point. It might just come down to the fact that Snapchat is a blast. It is also largely devoid of the weightier issues that can bog down other social media sites. At a time in their lives where there can be a lot of pressure evident, Snapchat provides a great release.

The love affair between teens and Snapchat doesn’t seem to be dwindling. Adults can only wish they felt as strongly about one of their social media platforms.