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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro hardware specs reveal a quad-core CPU and powerful GPU

The hardware specifications and pricing details of the ‘soon to be announced’ Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro have been announced, and while it will be far from cheap, you will have the ideal price/performance notebook around that also dazzles in looks. After looking at the previous products the company announced, the Mi Notebook Pro should come with an aluminum body, making it highly durable as far as quality goes.

Additionally, one of the biggest changes according to My Drivers is the fact that the upcoming notebook is going to come with a 4K display. 4K displays on notebooks are becoming a reality, but they carry much larger price tags, so it looks like Xiaomi is releasing quite the competitor. However, while the 4K display is attractive, it could be the primary difference standing in the way of achieving an adequate level of performance. If the 4K resolution fact comes out to the true, you’d do well to scale that down to 1080p for better performance.

Other details claim that the Mi Notebook Pro is going to come with Intel’s 6th generation Skylake processor, and not just any processor, but an i7-6700HQ. For those that don’t know, this CPU is a quad-core chip running at a speed of 2.60GHz and is normally found in high-end notebooks, so we know that the company will be targeting the enthusiast crowd. It has also been detailed that the notebook will come packing with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. It has not been revealed if the SSD will support the SATA interface or PCIe one, but we’ll wait for the official details to arrive to provide the update.

One last thing; the Mi Notebook Pro will come with an NVIDIA GTX 960M, which is nowhere near the league of the GTX 1000 series of chips, but for a notebook that’s going to cost you less than $900, you obviously should not complain about what you’re receiving.

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