iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 5s no longer being sold, but you’ll still get updates thankfully

It was bound to happen and after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus announcement, Apple has started to remove some phones from its store, and it was obvious that iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s would be included. Featuring just 1GB RAM in all smartphones, despite the optimizations offered by Apple’s iOS, the lack of memory removes a lot of flexibility options for users, and one of them includes multitasking.

iOS 10 is going to be the bread and butter of the Apple’s mobile devices, and the company has said that it will continue to provide software support for the three smartphones. Unfortunately, Apple has received widespread criticism for its software updates. It is not the software updates or the amount of time Apple takes to release these updates, but the performance drops that consumers experience when running the latest software on previous generation hardware.

Apple has previously been sued for crippling the performance for iPhone 4s users when it released its iOS 9 software update, so we’re looking at how this will turn out exactly. iOS 10 is going to be next software update to roll out and apart from the three mentioned phones, it is also going to be available for the following smartphones.

  1. iPhone 7
  2. iPhone 7 Plus
  3. iPhone 6s
  4. iPhone 6s Plus
  5. iPhone SE
  6. iPhone 5c
  7. iPhone 5

If you’re interested in looking at the pricing details for the unlocked iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models that are going to be sold in the United States and Canada, they are given below.

United States