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iPhone SE X

iPhone SE X leaks: Could this be the new compact phone?

A new iPhone has been leaked in a video received by BGR, reportedly from a trusted source. The video shows an iPhone X like device, however, the size of the phone...

iPhone 11 has been leaked but is it 11?

Apple introduced the iPhone X last year, messing up the nomenclature of the iPhone lineup. The company also released the iPhone 8 last year along the iPhone X; the ‘X’ is...
iPhone SE2

iPhone SE2 leak confirms that it won’t be radically different

In the past few weeks, a lot of rumors have surfaced about the 2018 iPhone lineup. Part of that, was also the iPhone SE2; it was reported that the model would...

iPhone 9 will ditch the fingerprint reader

Apple’s naming strategy took a hit when the company released the iPhone X (it’s a 10, and not ‘Ex’). That leaves us, Apple fans wondering what the next iPhones will be...
iPhone SE2

iPhone SE2: Things you need to know

The iPhone SE is the most compact phone in the world of huge monster phones. It received a lot of love from people who prefer phone to fit in their pocket...
iPhone 11 and iPhone XI

iPhone 11 (2018) Release Date, Specs, Price, News and Updates

Apple is out to release its flagship device for 2018. What could be the follow-up to the iPhone 8 and X called this time around? Some say it'll be known as...
iPhone 6 Plus: Apple To Finally Repair Screen Glitches

iPhone 6 Plus Display Issues Finally Gets Repaired

Apple has at long last recognized that there indeed is a screen issue with its iPhone 6 Plus. The problem is that users of the iPhone 6 Plus have been facing...
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5SE Apple

iPhone 5SE: Apple Increases Storage For Device

The iPhone 5SE has had an upgrade to its storage capacity capabilities. Apple has introduced an iPhone 5SE with much more higher end based storage, double what was previously offered. The...
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Set For iOS 11 Update

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Set For iOS 11 Update

Ever since the first iPhone released in 2007, it's iOS has been a revolutionary innovation in the smartphone industry. Keeping to a simplistic and a more concise operating system over the...
iPhone 8 battery life

iPhone 8’s rumored larger battery might convince those with older iPhones to make the...

A smaller iPhone has always featured a smaller battery and this approach has always remained consistent even after Apple decided to introduce a much larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The 5.5-inch has...
iPad Pro and iPhone

Three iPad Pro models and two new iPhone models expected in March

Rumors from 2016 have continued to point out that three new iPad Pro models are expected to be announced in March. A new 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be a part of...
Apple has been reported to start making iPhones in India from April

Apple has been reported to start making iPhones in India from April

With iPhone growth slowing down, Apple is relying on its iPhone 8 to reel in a large number of smartphones sales. In addition, the company has also been reported to start...

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