LG Optimus G Pro makes its official debut, challenges Galaxy Note 2

LG Optimus G Pro Debuts

LG has just unveiled its latest flagship smartphone and it is a doozy! Check out the LG Optimus G Pro!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a phabelt but for some reason have been holding off, then you may have made the right decision. Check out what this 5.5-inch wonder from LG has to offer:

Looking at these specs, the LG Optimus G Pro looks like a worthy challenger to the reigning phablet king, the Galaxy Note 2.  What’s more, The LG Optimus G Pro uses the newer set of SoC’s from Qualcomm and is based on the design of the original Optimus G so we could be looking at some serious performance enhancements here.

No word yet on when the device will be making an appearance on store shelves or how much it will cost. We’ll be sure to share any details on the LG Optimus G Pro as soon as it becomes available so be sure to check back regularly.

Are you looking forward to the LG Optimus G Pro? Will you pick it over other phablets in the market? Discuss in the comments below!