In-display fingerprint scanner: Is it a thing yet ?

The iPhone X was supposed to be the first phone to have an in-display fingerprint scanner, but was supposedly delayed, so we had to make do with an out-of-place notch and...

Here’s how you can save money using your smartphone

Planning on saving money, huh? It’ll be tough not to spend money at the theatres, on the food, and at all the blah blah. But your best friend can help you...

Snap Inc. reportedly working on Spectacles 2.0

It has been reported that Snap will launch a new version of their smart Spectacles this year. They also mentioned that a more advanced version with two cameras would be released...

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Which one’s for you ?

Since the introduction of the first iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy phones have always been the iPhone's arch rival. They've been in constant battle, striving to outperform each other while stretching the boundaries...
Shows mirrored back and notched display

OnePlus 6 leaked: Images show notched design and mirrored back

Images of the OnePlus 6 have allegedly been leaked on a Chinese social media site named Weibo. The images were then later deleted but several people had already saved and shared...

Top 5 reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9

So, have Samsung's efforts succeeded with the Galaxy S9 or have they been in vain ? Here's 5 reasons why they have succeeded.1. Camera The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a brand new...
Online Bingo

Online Bingo: Best online game for android and IOS

We’ve all heard about online bingo, but most of us are still stuck with the web version of the game which is quite a hassle as it involves a person to...

Best Antivirus for your Android phone

The smartphone is the device that people reach out to do various tasks like e-banking, sharing important documents to almost everything which required a desktop/laptop even 2-3 years ago.However, not many...

Best games for Android and iOS: iPad, iPhone and Android Universal

You got yourself an iPhone or an Android phone in place of PS4 or Xbox One, right? Great! The next step is to make your all-in-one device run games too. You...

The best photo editing apps for iOS and Android

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better at their game, however, most of the times the pics are not ready for instant share. The picture may need to cropped, rotated, or...
Playing Card

Love Playing Card Games? Download Indian Rummy App & Win Cash

Are you a true card game lover, who loves to play, challenge and win card games? Well, if you are nodding in agreement, then here is something that you are not...

Anyoption App Review – Making Binary Option Trades Easier for Android Users

When it comes to financial asset trading and pricing's, binary options has been one of the most controversial forms of trading. This is mainly due to the fact that some part...

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