Microsoft Lumia 950

Does Microsoft’s Lumia 950 Have A Place In The Market?

Microsoft's Lumia 950 was released during the fourth quarter of 2015. The 950 has many impressive features, but its performance is lackluster compared to flagship phones from competing companies – making...
Kim Jong Un, presumably using Red Star OS

A Look Inside North Korea’s Red Star OS Code

North Korea's newest distribution Red Star OS, Red Star 3.0 is an apparent ripoff of Apple's OS X. The operating system helps the totalitarian state to monitor its constituents. North Korea has...
Ian Murdock tweet suggests suicide

Debian Linux Founder Ian Murdock Dies At 42

Founder of Debian Linux Ian Murdock was found dead at the age of 42 on the night of Monday, December 28, 2015. The circumstances of his death are unknown. Ian Murdock's death...
Disney VertiGo climbing a wall

Disney Creates A Toy Car That Scales Walls

Disney Research has teamed up with Swiss math, technology and engineering university, ETH Zurich, to release the VertiGo, a small robotic car that can drive up vertical surfaces. Disney has been making...
The ArcaBoard in flight

ArcaBoard Brings The World One Step Closer To ‘The Jetsons’

Arca Space Corporation has recently released its impressive ArcaBoard, a rideable and functional hoverboard that can actually glide over any terrain – even water. The world was amazed by the Lexus Slide...
Verizon Wireless and Sprint issuing refunds

Deadline Coming Soon For Verizon Wireless And Sprint Refunds

In May of 2015, Verizon Wireless and Sprint settled on $158 million USD with the Federal Trade Commission over unauthorized third-party services. The deadline for customers to claim their refunds is...
5k Run- Training

5k Run – Android Review

What is 5k Run? 5k Run is an app for those who have never put "workout" in their todo's list and are looking to get started. It promises to get you running...

Finger Gesture Launcher – Android App Review

What is Finger Gesture Launcher? Finger Gesture Launcher allows users to launch applications by swiping over the screen. It claims to have multiple versions to support various devices. This review is for version...

Nokia N1 Tablet Brings Nokia Back To Gaming

When it comes to mobile gaming, Nokia was there right at the beginning. They helped make it what it is. Perhaps Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and Candy Crush would not even exist if it wasn’t...

Essential apps for your smartphone

Although we are not quite as advanced as the film producers behind Back to the Future II thought we would be in 2015, we are still alive in an exciting technological...

Hanx Writer: Tom Hanks Typewriter App Now Available

Beats by Dre meet app by Hanks. For people of a certain, writing means typing and that means a steady stream of clickety clack sounds. Actor, director, producer and all-American icon...

Google Glass: The Glass Frontier

Since its inception, Google Glass has gathered world-wide attention for its futuristic idea and design. So what does it offer? So far Google Glass appears to offer many applications that shape our...

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