Unravelling The Mysteries of the Little Black Box Review


Today I’m reviewing Unravelling The Mysteries of the Little Black Box by Shaun Hines. This e-book has made quite an impression already and focuses on the art of photography. Correctly predicted by Shaun Hines is that the market was already heavily saturated with a lot of books and manuals on the subject, so he chose specific guidelines to make the book stand out. Without further ado, on to the review.

Beautiful learning

In Unravelling The Mysteries of the Little Black Box readers are not only presented with a lot of great information for not only photographers but enthusiast alike, every subject goes hand in hand with beautifully shot pictures and more interactive aspects. The book will guide you through everything needed to have more success as a photographer, from checklists for your camera to effects and more hardware oriented information.

The book is presented with over 160 example photos and illustrations for you and also includes complete hand picked galleries that relate back to the subject at hand with absolute cleverness and insight for every photographer. There’s even review stages in the book where the reader is presented with questions so that he/she becomes able to fully grasp the learning method and monitor their progress.

With such a large plethora of subjects and information at hand it is only natural that you might be more interested in certain parts of the book. That’s why the app cleverly lets you select certain phrases or parts of the book yourself so you can really personalize the book and make your own priorities as to what you want to learn exactly.

I also feel that it’s in place to mention that this book comes in handy even for the folks that snap pictures with their smartphones or other multifunctional devices. The book has a lot of exercises that turn theory into practice right away which I thought was great fun doing with my own phone. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not a full-fledged photographer yet because the book might just be exactly written for you.

Final words and conclusion

After reading through the book and seeing what it had to offer it really is no wonder it is an award winning app. It’s interactiveness is astounding and the book makes sure it is accessible to just about anyone enthusiastic about photography. At a price of just seven dollars it really is worth your money and if you’re interested I suggest you check it out.

Unravelling The Mysteries of the Little Black Box requires iBooks 3 and iOS 5.1 or later

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  • Many thanks for sharing the review of my multi-touch book with your followers. I teach photography and make my workshops as informative and enjoyable as possible. I'm very pleased to say that the work put in to the book's distinctive design has created a lot of interest around the net. Jump over to the iTunes store and download some sample pages so that you can fully experience both the unique look and the interactivity included. I hope you enjoy the read!

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