iPad Pro 2018

New bezel-less iPad in works: Inspired by the iPhone X

iPads have become niche, it hasn't hit the original expectations proposed by Apple and critics alike. It's still an amazing product but the smartphone can do almost everything and a lot...
Online Bingo

Online Bingo: Best online game for android and IOS

We’ve all heard about online bingo, but most of us are still stuck with the web version of the game which is quite a hassle as it involves a person to...
Magnetic Charger being used on an iPhone

Magnetic Charger for iPhone and iPad

I'm sure we all hate plugging in and out our charging plugs into our iPhone and iPad devices. Well, the good news is that we have finally found a solution for...

Best games for Android and iOS: iPad, iPhone and Android Universal

You got yourself an iPhone or an Android phone in place of PS4 or Xbox One, right? Great! The next step is to make your all-in-one device run games too. You...
Journo Travel Journal iOS App Review

Journo Travel Journal iOS App Review

Journo is the number 1 travel journal application on iOS created by Journo Inc. The application’s core purpose is for traveling enthusiasts to jot down their own stories so they can...
Healthy Minds Online

iOS App-Review: Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing

Statistics suggests that 1 in 4 people in the world will one day be affected by a mental illness or some form of a neurological disorder at least once in their...
Review AcroSplat – A colourful, fun and addictive game for iOS devices

Review: AcroSplat – A colourful, fun and addictive game for iOS devices

AcroSplat is a colourful, fun and somewhat educative, plat-former game that has implementations of physics never seen before. The main goal of each level in AcroSplat is to launch the paint...
iPad Pro and iPhone

Three iPad Pro models and two new iPhone models expected in March

Rumors from 2016 have continued to point out that three new iPad Pro models are expected to be announced in March. A new 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be a part of...

Best Solutions to Get iPad out of Recovery Mode

With the app crash and lots of operation problem, users sometimes need to get their iPad into recovery mode and fix the issues. However improper actions always lead to more complex...
Recover Deleted or Lost Data from your iPhone & iPad with PhoneRescue

Recover Deleted or Lost Data from your iPhone & iPad with PhoneRescue

We all dread the thought of dropping our phones and having it broken, or forgetting they are in our pants and having them thrown into the washing machine. We fear losing...
MyPostcard - Postcard App Review

MyPostcard – Postcard App Review

MyPostcard is the simple way to create and send personalized, printed real photo postcards and greeting cards directly from your smartphone or tablet. Easily design your own, individual real paper cards...
Valentine's Day 2017 iOS App

Valentine’s Day 2017 iOS App: Try it out now!

Valentine's Day is almost near, but are you ready for to share the best valentines day images with a loved one? Why not try something creative, something which one could make...

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