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Steve Jobs introducing iTunes. Since then it has become a hugely popular app

Dear Apple, iTunes is complicated and its time for a dedicated Apple Music app

iTunes, the de facto iPod companion changed the music industry in unimaginable ways. Released in the early 2000s, it introduced the first digital store for buying music online and in turn...
Surf safely and unrestricted using app on your Mac

Surf safely and unrestricted using app on your Mac

Security and anonymity on the Internet The international news has been awash lately with the revelations from Wikileaks on how security agencies use our smartphones, computers and even our smart TVs to...
Recover Deleted or Lost Data from your iPhone & iPad with PhoneRescue

Recover Deleted or Lost Data from your iPhone & iPad with PhoneRescue

We all dread the thought of dropping our phones and having it broken, or forgetting they are in our pants and having them thrown into the washing machine. We fear losing...
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review Image

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a very powerful tool which can help you to recover any files or data which you have lost. This tool can help you recovers all lost...
DRM Converter for Mac & Windows by AppleMacSoft

DRM Converter for Mac & Windows by AppleMacSoft

If you are looking for a software that would help you remove DRM protection on iTunes media files, then DRM Converter by AppleMacSoft is the best software to go for. DRM...

PGPTools – iOS Review

Why PGPTools? Should you require a bit more security in a conversation with your boss, secret lover or pet cat, PGPTools is for you. It allows you to encrypt messages to send to...

OpenEmu Lets You Play PS1, PSP And N64 Games On Mac

OpenEmu is an open source video game emulator designed specifically for OS X, that allows you to relive classic titles from various retro devices. Since the 2.0.1 update, you can add the PS1, Nintendo 64...
Data Recovery for Mac

Ease US Data Recovery Wizard For Mac Finds Your Lost Data

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac from Ease US is an extremely simple yet powerful tool for recovering lost information on your Mac. Almost everyone has been in the situation of losing important data...

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Product Review

Introduction Had a nice long summer vacation somewhere and just returned home? One of the best things about getting back is of course uploading your photos to your computer and reliving the...

Haven: Creative Writing Tool – Mac OS Review

Introduction For those trying to complete the next great novel, there is usually only two road blocks: inspiration and procrastination. These two tenacious and mischievous brothers suck up your time and make...

OS X El Capitan: Metal for Mac Arrives

Perhaps the most successful tech introduced with last Fall's iOS 8 release was Metal, a graphics abstraction layer that makes developing and delivering performance faster and with fewer resources. Metal for...

MobileTrans: one-click data transfer solution from Android to iPhone and Vice verse Introduction Sometimes it can be nuisance keeping all your files tidy—but a bigger nuisance still is when different systems are not compatible with each other or when there is no way to...

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