Influencer Marketing Hub is the leading Business Resource for many things Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Hub is the top Business Resource for many things Influencer Marketing. They feature, rate and review top Platforms and Influencer Marketing Services. They also discover seminars, Business Events, read on all Influencer Marketing News and Guides from your mobile phone.

The Youtube Cash Calculator empowers possible gains to be readily calculated by Influencers on their channels and video views based on length of video views and other engagement metrics. Learn much YouTubers earn using the Youtube cash estimator on their channels. You can easily find out on how much YouTubers are earning from their channels with the YouTube Money Predictor.

The Youtube Influencer offers a real-time evaluation of the world’s top youtube influencers, instantly see who are the top 20 influencers, along using their followings.


Future Influencers will also get guides and endless training resources on how to make money on youtube, how to become an Instagram influencer and a host of other training material to help influencers succeed.

This app is for:

  • Instagram Influencers
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  • Influencer Marketing Agencies
  • Influencer Marketing Platforms
  • Anyone working in an agency environment who wishes to learn more about the benefits of influencer marketing