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Moving Books! JaJaJaJan – iOS Review

Why Moving Books! JaJaJaJan?

Moving Books! JaJaJaJan is a storybook app aimed at children, that allows them to sing and read along with various fables, bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.  Despite a few minor issues, the app is a well presented hub for a wide range of entertainment, that should keep kids busy for hours.


Moving Books! JaJaJaJan acts as a virtual bookshelf for dozens of stories and songs. Upon loading the app, users are prompted to select one, using the tabs at the top of the screen and scrolling right and left to see what’s available.

Each story and song is fully animated, complete with subtitles and full voice recording — so kids will have no trouble following the action. Some of the voice work was a bit patchy in certain areas, but it’s not a huge distraction, as the dialogue doesn’t linger for too long.


Moving Books! JaJaJaJan looks gorgeous. The “Dora The Explorer” inspired visuals pop, ebb and flow with pure animated joy, and it’s definitely an aesthetic feast for users of any age. Every song and book is clearly laid out, with a bold, vibrant font used seemingly everywhere — not once was I lost.

Thankfully, the only interface problem is with the options menu, which is accessible via a child-lock code that generates a new number every time you wish to use it.

This make extended sessions of use quite irksome, as you’ll be prompted for a code every time you wish to view the settings. I understand that certain features need to be hidden from younger users, but why have every single option hidden behind a code?

Even the How To Play screen is in this menu, which boggles my mind — how are young users, who may be unable to comprehend the parent lock, meant to see the instructions?  It’s quite a ridiculous system.


As is expected of an app aimed at younger players, Moving Books is a breeze to navigate — everything is painted big, bold and colorful, and it’s always easy to see where you need to go.

It’s not as easy as it could be however, with each song and book requiring a download before it can be used. Once downloaded, it can be accessed and used offline, but the initial requirement of an internet connection may be a problem for some.

It would’ve been better had the app come with built-in songs and books, instead of having to download them — not everyone will always have a stable online connection. A workaround is to pre-load everything before you leave the house, so for most, this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

Final Thoughts

Moving Books! JaJaJaJan is a well put together source of pretty much all the nursery rhymes, stories and fables you’ll need to keep the youngsters entertained — don’t forget that internet connection!

Tested On: iPhone 6S iOS 9.2.
Moving Books! JaJaJaJan on iOS requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
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