A fresh rumor out of Korea says Apple will roll advanced display IGZO technology across its 2014 MacBook and iPad product lines.
It has been reported that this Fall’s iPhone 5S will include IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide)-based displays, which could help Apple trim power usage by 10 percent. Now, a fresh rumor out of Korea says the mothership will also roll this advanced display technology across its 2014 MacBook and iPad product lines.

Power management is a war of inches and Apple plans to win.

Korea’s Electronic Times reports that Apple will shift portable and tablet products to IGZO-based from TFT displays next year.

IGZO, an oxide semiconductor, is used in TFTs (Thin Film Transistor) that control a supporting (but non-conducting) substrate such as glass. Oxide semiconductors are about 10 times faster in electron mobility than a-Si (amorphous silicon). Therefore, mobile devices equipped with IGZO displays come with batteries with a longer lifespan.

More efficient and longer lasting, sounds like a winning combination and a very Apple-esque move.

That said, Sharp is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of the move, though previous rumors that this once-mighty Japanese display would benefit from Apple largess haven’t panned out.

Is a 10 percent more efficient 2014 MacBook worth the wait or will you be going for this year’s Haswell MacBooks, which deliver up to 60 percent more battery life?

Via MacRumors