CableKeeps Product Review

CableKeeps Product Review

Introduction Hello Tapscape, today I have an awesome product review for you, namely the clever CableKeeps devices by Nice By Design. Do you also hate it when your cables get tangled while traveling...

SSD Prices Hit Sweet New Low of $0.50/GB

Fundamentally, when SSD prices hit a $1 per gigabyte, SSDs standard equipment in high-end personal computer systems. Now, with SSD prices at half that amount, high-performance storage will start showing up...

Most Reliable Hard Drive Brands: Hitachi Rocks, Seagate Not, But…

Who knows about the most reliable hard drive brands? A cloud storage vendor, that's who. And, by "knowing" online backup firm Backblaze means they have usage data from 27,134 storage pods...

Megaupload’s spin-off Mega offers 50GB of Free Storage

Remember a little site called Megaupload? Yes, that same site that got taken down by the FBI and all contents seized by the US government, with the owner Kim Dotcom being held in...

Dropbox hits 100 million users

Dropbox, the cloud storage provider, has made huge leaps this year and has claimed to hit the 100 million members mark.How many of them that are active remains unknown, but the...

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