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E-commerce Website

How To Make Things Right If You Have A Bad E-commerce Website

In case, you have designed a website on which you are selling your product or service. After a while, you figure out that your marketing has attracted visitors to the site,...
Chrome will now block auto-play videos

Chrome will now block irksome auto-play videos

Google has long promised on releasing an updated Chrome that would make the browsing experience pleasant. The day is here, the company is rolling out its new feature that blocks the...
Google v. Bing

Bing vs Google: Which one can help you find good deals online?

“Bing vs Google” - the holy war has been going around for years now with people clamouring that their “faith in their search engine” is true. Both the search engines are...
Amazon's Internet communicator

Internet: A lightweight browser by Amazon

Amazon is ready to compete with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla with its new browser, named, ‘Internet’. As the name suggests, the browser does just that, it acts as an “Internet” communicator...
Mark Zuckerberg during an interview with CNN's Laurie Seggal

Facebook is turning out to be very unsafe for data sharing: Cambridge Analytica data...

Facebook is considered to be the first social network that connected people on the internet; Orkut and Myspace were just one time flings. Launched in 2004, the website, which was later...

5G Spectrum: Details and when it’s coming

The Mobile World Congress 2018 ( MWC) has just ended and one may have noticed several developers mention and allude to future use of 5G. 4G LTE is currently the staple...

Best Programming Language to Learn in 2018

Planning on starting a programming career in 2018? Be ready to make a tough choice. If you are a beginner and trying to figure out which way you should move in your...
Small Business Website

What Should Your Small Business Website Include?

You’ve probably already heard all about how important it is for your small business to have a website, but you may be wondering how exactly to take action. How should you...
Website App

Got a Website & an App? Here’s How to Connect Both

For businesses or even individuals handling both a website as well as a mobile app, things can often get pretty tricky. You come across more than a few problems when it...
One Quarter of DIY Web Builders Don't Know Where to Begin

One Quarter of DIY Web Builders Don’t Know Where to Begin

One-quarter of DIY web builders doesn't know where to begin, which should not surprise a lot of people involved in the field. In fact, one of the reasons why professional web...
YouTube to MP3 Converter: The Best of 2017

YouTube to MP3 Converter Becomes One Of The Most Used Tools Online

YouTube to MP3 converters have become one of the most utilised tools online for web users who look to download videos in an MP3 format. According to Alexa traffic rankings, the...
Small Business Web Hosting Reviews - Why Choosing the Right Web Hosting is Important

Small Business Web Hosting Reviews – Why Choosing the Right Web Hosting is Important

If you want your online business to thrive, you need to make the correct web hosting choice and choose a reliable web hosting company. Creating good content for the website should...

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