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Peach Messaging App Lets You Use Magic Words to Stay Connected on iOS


A new app is available on iOS called Peach, which is a messaging app created by the Vine founder Dom Hoffman. Peach messaging app allows you to use magic words in order to update your feed. You can…

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Google Translate Error Names Russia ‘Mordor’

google translate

I’m sure most of you will agree that Google Translate is pretty reliable. Recently, however, the language-tool contained a grievous error which saw it brand the Russian Federation “Mordor” and Russian citizens “occupiers.” Other incorrect translations include converting…

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Easily Link To A Specific Part Of A WordPress Post Using Page Jumps

page jumps

If you’ve got a lot of content on a single page, and you’re looking to make that content more accessible, page jumps might be the solution you need. The phrase “page jump” simply means that by clicking a…

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Did Kim Kardashian’s ‘Kimoji’ break the App Store?

Reality star Kim Kardashian may be best known for her popular television series, but she also dabbles in the digital realm. After the immense success of her debut app “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” and her attempt to break the…

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Azeus Convene – iOS Review

[app url=”″] Introduction Azeus Convene is an innovative board meeting app for both face-to face and remote collaboration. It allows users to organise, join in and set up board meetings with other colleagues. Essentially, Azeus Convene is a…

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Moodsy – Share Your Emotions

[app url=”″] Introduction Moodsy is a social media app available on iOS. It works as a sort of amalgamation of Snapchat and Twitter, allowing the user to communicate through short, expressive picture messages that they can share with…

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CannaSOS – Android Review

[app url=””] Introduction CannaSOS is a social marijuana resource for cannabis experts and enthusiasts that provides education, strain information, statistics, medical research, directory of doctors and dispensaries of medical cannabis worldwide. It allows users to search for local…

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Bounce by IdeaPaint – iOS Review

[app url=”″] Introduction We’ve all had those brain storming meetings where the ideas have come off the page in front of you and been scribbled all over the whiteboard. A massive collaboration of thoughts and new concepts, a…

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Reveal – Ask Me Anything

[app url=”″] Introduction As social media marches ever forward, inevitably a constant stream of new social apps and websites will appear. One such application is Reveal, a fun and innovative mash up of snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. The…

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Fotojet Collage Maker Review


Introduction While there is a lot of good software out there for editting photos and designing awesome stuff, sometimes you really just want to make some great things with the minimum amount of effort. The best thing would…

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