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Instagram down again

Instagram Is Down All Over The Globe: Couldn’t Refresh Feed

The popular photo sharing service, Instagram is down yet again. In just the past three months, the service has seen downtimes at-least 4-5 times. Also, the most astonishing thing is that,...
Instagram is down again

Instagram is down again: Couldn’t refresh feed error

The popular photo sharing app Instagram is down yet again. The app displays the error “Can’t refresh feed”, this marks the fourth downtime the app has faced in just two months....
Instagram down again

Instagram is down again: What’s up Facebook?

Instagram is down yet again. Just under three weeks ago, users from all over the world were facing login issues. It more than two days for the company to fix the...

Amazon Music is on a roll: Is it better than Spotify or Apple Music?

Picking a music streaming service is now like choosing your partner, as it takes time for the service to understand your taste in music. Has playing music become so complicated? Not...
Instagram is down again

Instagram is down: Does it have anything to do with Facebook’s data breach?

With Facebook’s ongoing controversy, looks like it’s siblings are also being affected; the popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram seems to be suffering from an outage. However, the scale of the outage is...

Google working on real-time background removal for YouTube videos

Google is working on a new technology that separates the foreground from the background in videos in real time, making it easy to change the backdrop to anything interesting. For each image,...
Air's app

Shoot as much 4K video as you want with Air’s app

With all the advancements in smartphones over the years, recording videos have become second nature. Whenever you're out and about and see something noteworthy, you flip out your phone and capture...
Amazon Prime and Netflix

Why Amazon Prime Video has the edge over Netflix in India

Amazon Prime Video was the first of it's kind to introduce video on demand streaming. It's a monumental achievement in many technical aspects. Though it set the stage, it was Netflix...
Is traditional print dead and buried with the growth of digital media?

Is traditional print dead and buried with the growth of digital media?

People have grown up reading traditional books and magazines; that is the reading experience that we all know and love. Over the years the experience has begun to change somewhat with...
Cellular Data app by Microsoft

Microsoft May Launch SIM Card For Windows Devices Soon

A mysterious Windows 10 app named Cellular Data from Microsoft hints at Microsoft working on data SIM cards for Windows devices. The app allows users to stay connected anywhere in the...
Google Apps For Education

Privacy Group Accuses Google Of Using Student Data

Privacy groups across the world have criticized Google over privacy concerns. This time, American parents are concerned Google is collecting data of their children through its suite of education apps. Electronic Frontier...
Microsoft Logo

Are Governments Spying On You? Microsoft Will Tell You

Want to get notified if your Microsoft account is subjected to state-sponsored hacking? According to the official Microsoft Blog, the Redmond tech giant has taken the additional step to keep user's...

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