Swedish development team Simogo recently announced their next game for iOS platforms, Bumpy Road. In Bumpy Road, players will join a mustachioed gentleman and his family as they drive around the city, collecting coins and their memories of the past. Don”t think too hard about it. Just watch the official announcement trailer.


Most games would put the players in control of the car, but Bumpy Road opts to give players control over the land itself. Players will alter the height of the ground to raise or lower the vehicle in order to collect coins and navigate dangerous terrain nbso online casino reviews (since the city seems to be in major violation of several road safety laws).

Simogo”s official website details a few of the games unique features:

– A completely new and original control method. Use the touchscreen to modify the ground and push the characters around. A platform game tailored for touch input!

– A feel good arcade game with a moving story – Discover the life of a family as you find memories while you play.

– Travel as far as you can in ”Evergreen Ride” or beat your best times in ”Sunday Trip”. Then sit back and relax as you enjoy the story in ”Memory Lane”.

– All the bells and whistles – Universal app, retina display visuals and achievements and leaderboards on Game Center as well as Facebook score posting.

Bumpy Road is expected to hit the App Store sometime this Spring.