Don't look for a new Apple TV (hockey puck) let alone a branded television, the so-called iTV, or pay TV service any time soon…

Don’t look for an Apple branded television, the so-called iTV, or even a pay TV service any time soon. Says who? A prominent analyst that met recently with Apple’s chief financial officer, as well as the company’s senior internet VP, who spell rather clearly that the conditions aren’t right.

Tapscape has reported that the Apple iTV is already in production. In fact, lots of folks have said as much.

However, there are attributable quotes that state ain’t no new Apple TV or iTV coming any time soon.

ZDNet, quoting Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, writes that Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer and Internet Software & Services SVP Eddie Cue are downplaying the possibility of a new Apple TV or pay TV service for at least six months.

“Relative to the television market,” says Hargreaves, “Eddy Cue, Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services, reiterated the company’s mantra that it will enter markets where it feels it can create great customer experiences and address key problems. The key problems in the television market are the poor quality of the user interface and the forced bundling of pay TV content, in our view.”

Apple certainly could overcome those issues. Cupertino can’t fix Hollywood and their cableco enablers, which are addicted to charging subscribers $200, month in month out.

That said, Apple has tried, tried and tried again to get into pay TV and has failed yet again. The revolution will not be televised…

What’s your take?