The Apple vs Samsung verdict is in and the tally so far favors Apple, though Cupertino's lawyers didn't win over jurors on every point.

After deliberating for more than 21 hours, the jury that heard weeks of testimony including dozens of expert witnesses has reached a verdict. And, because cameras and microphones aren’t allowed in the courtroom, the news is coming via live blogs and tweets from reporters embedded at the proceedings — ticker tape baseball* in the 21st Century.

It will likely take days to sort out the finer points of the jury’s Apple vs Samsung verdict, but as the results roll in, the conclusions consistently though not universally favor Apple. Here’s a sampling of the live blog results as they came in:

For each of the following products, has Apple proven by a preponderance of the evidence that Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC), Samsung Electronics America (SEA), and/or Samsung Telecommunications America (STA) has infringed the D’305 Patent?

— for telecom america — YES to S2 , droid charge, epic 4G, Galaxy s 4G, droid 4g, indulge, gem, infuse, mesmerize

— Yes for captivate, droid charge, epic 4g, fascainate, S i9000, S 4G, S showcase i900, Gem, indulge, S 4G, and Vibrant

Question 9 — was Samsung willful in its infringement? Big one here for damages.

— D’677: Yes for Fascinate, S 4G, S2 ATT, S2 Tmobile, Epic 4G Touch, Skyrocket, Showcase, Infuse 4G, Mesmerize, and Vibrant

— D’087: Yes for S 4G, Vibrant. No for S2 ATT, S2 Epic 4G Touch, S2 Skyrocket, Infuse 4G.

— D’305: Yes for Captivate, Continuum, Showcase, Gem, Indugle, Infuse 4G, Mesmerize, Vibrant.

— ‘889 No for both Galaxy Tab models.

• Sorry, last question was whether Samsung should have known. This next one is willfulness.

— SEC: Yes for all but D’087 and D’889

— SEA: Yes for 381, 915, 163

— STA: Yes for all but D’087 and D’889

The three digit numbers reference the last three digits of patent numbers.

If there is a positive trend in Samsung’s favor, it appears the jury is generally finding against Apple regarding the Galaxy Tab. Again, these are partial results.

And, of course, the ultimate punchline of the Apple vs Samsung verdict are the sanctions (products blocked) and damages (dollars awarded). As of right now, and the details are slowly coming out, it looks like the jury has awarded Apple $1,051,855,000 — that’s a billion plus, which is substantial yet far short of the $2.5-plus billion Cupertino sought.

Regarding Samsung’s claims that Apple infringed its patents, it appears the jury has completely shut out the Korea consumer electronics giant, awarding zero dollars in damages.

To summarize, Apple didn’t win every point and didn’t get the damages award it sought, but victory and more than $1 billion go to Apple…

Are you satisfied with the Apple vs Samsung verdict? Will Samsung appeal, successfully?

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via, The Verge

* Ticker tape baseball