The world has gone mad (ie today is the Apple Watch launch) and there is nowhere for you hide! Not even people living under a rock can escape Apple’s hype machine. Confused? You are not alone, but have answers to most if not all of your Apple Watch questions, queries and conundrums.

First of all, Apple wants you to know that today is the Apple Watch Launch Day and the Cupertino company has released a trio of 30 second ads to make it official.

That’s US, and you can find the other two ads — Up and Rise — by clicking through.

Apple Watch: Apple Pay Guide Tours

In addition to the above Apple Watch: Apple Pay Guide Tour, there are nine more guided tour videos. In fact, if Apple’s YouTube channel is to believed, the company has posted at least Apple Watch videos, clips and tours. Of course, that’s just the tip o’ the iceberg as fans, analysts and their brothers have all posted Apple Watch articles, reviews and videos of their own.

For example, check out this extremely geeky guy’s Apple Watch: Unboxing.

If your heart is healthy enough for Apple Watch porn, click the YouTube link in the upper left corner of the vid for scores more unboxing vids

Apple Watch: The Teardown

But what makes the Apple Watch tick? Certainly not gears and springs. That said, if the guys at iFixIt, who flew down under to get one of the first Apple Watches to ship and then rip it asunder, could give Apple’s first wearable a negative repairability score, they probably would.

How’s that? Most of the chips inside the Apple Watch are encased in a solid chunk of resin making it all but impossible know what those chips are or who made them.

Wow, Apple, just wow.

Apple Watch: All About D’em Apps!

What really makes the Apple Watch tick are, of course, the apps. While Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal have their takes on which apps are best, you need to see all 38 featured Apple Watch apps for yourself.

Of course, you will need significantly more time to view all 3,000 Apple Watch apps (eff!) available at launch.

While many if not most of the first Apple Watch apps are free (ie Magic Eight Ball), quite few aren’t with Christoph Gogolin’s GoCoEdit — Code and Text Editor with FTP, SFTP and Dropbox Integration ($4.99) being the most expensive.

That said, if you have the money to spend, Tim Cook is currently promising new June delivery. You will need an Apple iPhone — iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later. Ready to order?

What do you love and/or hate about the Apple Watch?