UK Nexus 7 owners have waited months for a dock as their perfect partner to a Nexus 7, but the wait may continue since it’s already sold out. Following the launch of the dock at the CES Expo, it went on sale earlier this month for £29.99 but Asus said the demand was unprecedented and stock quickly depleted.


Apparently all stock supplies have been exhausted according to Asus, but they did issue the following statement:

“It’s sold out already, but more stock should be landing shortly,”

The dock features a USB charging port and an audio port allowing a connection to external speakers, sitting at a viewing angle which allows the Nexus 7 to be docked at a very good viewing angle if sat on a desk, making it the perfect companion to the Nexus 7 tablet. I suspect these will crop up on eBay for crazy prices very soon.

In addition to the Nexus 7 dock, a Nexus 10 dock is also said to be on the horizon, and given the huge demand for the Nexus 10, the same supply constraints can be expected to be experienced too.

The whole Nexus range has been subject to stock shortages, with the Nexus 4 still out of stock, leaving consumers very frustrated. Even when devices do eventually show in stock, they are accompanied with extended shipping times anywhere up to 4 weeks. This has affected the potential of just how much affect the Nexus range could have had on the market, and it is of no surprise the Nexus 7 dock is experiencing the same issues. It is amazing that Asus still haven’t figured out how to regulate their supply for products that are clearly in demand.

Let’s hope that Asus figure out how to make more of their products very soon, and we see more Nexus 7 docks begin to filter back into stock shortly.