Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flexible Display

The Galaxy Note 2 is possibly the second most anticipated smartphone this year after the iPhone 5. And with the expected unveil date of August 29 quickly approaching, more and more rumors are coming out about this device. Today, we’ve gotten word about some new possible features that may just make people want that release date to come sooner.

AZ News Desk  shares that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may just have one of the best cameras on a smartphone to-date. According to the report, Samsung is supposedly considering upping the rumored 8 MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to an astounding 13 MP. That’s a lot of MP, if you ask me. I remember my first digicam just had 5 MP and I was already extremely happy with that. But 13 MP? I don’t know how many people out there use their smartphone cameras for pictures that end up on large prints but I guess it’s one of those better-to-have-it-than-not situations.

Hexus, on the other hand, has picked up information that suggests the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have what’s called a “YOUM flexible OLED Display,” a display that’s thinner and lighter than the AMOLED screens you’re seeing on Samsung devices and is supposedly unbreakable:

“YOUM consists of only four layers, the organic layer, containing the display’s LEDs, sits on top of a flexible TFT film and is secured by a further film above the organic layer. At the very top is a polarising layer. This approach doesn’t differ significantly from current OLED offerings, only that the two layers surrounding the organic one have been replaced with a thin film, as opposed to a glass substrate. The result is a thinner and lighter display that, in theory, should be unbreakable.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flexible Display

Rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be smaller than its predecessor overall but will have a bigger 5.5 inch display. YOUM just might make this possible as it could eliminate the need for a bezel.

If these rumors prove to be true, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may just be one of the most amazing handheld devices we’ll see this year. Be sure to check back for more updates before it launches on August 29!