There are hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches in use and, almost as one, iThing owners are installing iOS 7. Apple released their latest mobile operating system opus on Wednesday and, by Thursday afternoon, iOS 7 adoption was surging toward 40 60 percent of the installed base [u] as of Monday afternoon (EST).

Web metrics and analytics firm Mixpanel has published an online iOS 7 adoption widget. By Tuesday evening, it showed adoption was nearing 30 percent and, as of Wednesday afternoon, iOS 7 adoption had surged past 36 percent and was heading inexorably toward 40 percent.

[u] As of this Monday afternoon update, iOS 7 adoption is approaching 60 percent of the installed base.

Sept 19
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Sept 23

For what it’s worth, Apple pegged iOS 7 adoption on Monday morning at over 200 million users.

And, just before the release of iOS 7, 93 percent of iThings were running iOS 6, so you see where this is going — Apple’s perpetually satisfied users will adopt the new OS giving developers a clear (and massive) target audience.

That’s a good thing, a very good thing™.

iOS 7 Adoption vs Android

For what it’s worth, Adroid JellyBean (v4.1) shipped well over a year ago and its share of the overall Android pie is still well under 50 percent. That said, adoption of the most recent version of JellyBean, v4.2.x, hasn’t yet hit 10 percent.


Hmm, toss in the fact that the iOS App Store delivers 2.3 times more revenue on fewer downloads and now who are you going to develop for?

That said, iOS 7 adoption will DID easily surpass 50 percent this weekend and, sometime around Christmas, it will be in the 80 to 90 percent range, just like last year and iOS 6.

Apple’s got this shtuff down to a science…

What’s your take?

Via Fortune