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iOS 7.1 No Public Release Until March

iOS 7.1 No Public Release Until March

| On 24, Dec 2013

image6 1024x564 iOS 7.1 No Public Release Until March

Or, so goes a fresh rumor from a site with an on again, off again record. That said, it’s worth noting the sites that haven’t published their own write-ups or reblogged this story. Nevertheless, time waits for no man, blog or the iOS 7.1 update. Then again…

It has been 10 days since iOS 7.1 Beta 2 was seeded to developers. The next link in the chain is said to be working its way toward release.

BGR is reporting that Apple has begun seeding iOS 7.1 Beta 3 to testing partners, but not the wider developer network. Further, their writeup claims that iOS 7.1 won’t be delivered to public until March.

Apple has begun seeding a new build of iOS 7.1 to testing partners, we have learned from a trusted source. iOS 7.1 beta 3 is said to bring several important bug fixes in addition to some new features, though our source was uncomfortable detailing these for us at this time. Additionally, as strange as it may be, we are told that iOS 7.1 will probably not be released to the public until sometime in March. Apple has historically released an iOS update around January, but it could be that Apple’s upcoming iOS in the Car feature is the reason for the delay here.

Although not universally so, Apple is a creature of habit and it would be very surprising if iOS 7.1 is “delayed” until March. Additionally, iOS 7 has its share of problems, including steady reports apps crashes (i.e. Safari).

All of that said, rumor bellwethers AppleInsider and 9 to 5 Mac haven’t published anything about iOS 7.1 Beta 3 let alone that the update won’t be released until March. Further, the numerous reports on the subject all quote BGR, which has a spotty Apple rumor record.

Regardless, it would be surprising if we any new action on the iOS 7.1 front until after the New Year.

In related news, Apple has released iOS 7 Tech Talks to registered iOS developers.

So, will Apple hold onto iOS 7.1 until March? Color me skeptical…

What’s your take?

Via MacRumors

  • RogerMercer

    I can’t wait.

  • Moorish

    I’m wanting OS X 10.9.2 more.