Rumors are coming in that the iPad Mini, which is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 5 this September, will be manufactured in Brazil and could be as thin as the iPod Touch.

Japan-based blog Mackotakara recently shared information from a “reliable Chinese source” that the 7-inch iPad Mini will be produced in Brazil by Foxconn. The source claims that it has already seen prototypes of the device and that it seems like it will be as tall as the Google Nexus but possibly wider. The source also states that the device will be thinner than the Kindle Fire, currently the thinnest tablet out in the market, and may actually be just as thin as the iPod Touch (4th generation) which places the iPad Mini’s thickness at just 7.2mm. In comparison, the Google Nexus is at 10.45 mm while the new iPad is at 9.4mm thickness.

Previous rumors have stated that the iPad Mini will have a non-Retina display with a resolution of 1024×768, similar to the original and second generation iPads. Apple’s decision to not include the Retina display on the iPad Mini is supposedly due to an attempt to significantly trim down costs, allowing them to keep the price point at a competitive $250. Unsurprisingly, the iPad Mini is also rumored to have 3G technology.

According to Mackotara, production will begin in September of this year which means that we can expect the iPad Minito hit shelves in time for the holiday season.