iPhone 6 Mini and Phablet

iPhone 6 Mini and Phablet

Even though the iPhone 5 was only released five months ago, Toronto-based 3D designer Peter Zigich has already come up with a collection of new designs for the iPhone 6 range, including a smaller iPhone Mini and a phablet type smartphone.

Differences on the iPhone 6 smartphones, according to Zigich, should including moving the home-button to the side of the iPhone 6, instead of at the bottom. This will allow users to have another row of icons for more screen real estate.

This concept seems to be good for Apple, but everyone is expecting Johnny Ive and the team to come up with a new re-imagined operating system, with new controls and gestures. With the lack of pure innovation coming from Apple since the iPad, something needs to change.

The iPhone 6 Mini has a really good look and feel, it may be possible that Apple makes a smaller and cheaper device for emerging markets and for China. This smartphone will lack the finish, polish and performance the top-tier iPhone 6 will have, but the smartphone will be cheap and available on small contracts.

The iPhablet doesn’t sound that appealing. The iPhone 5 is still pretty small, against most of the Android variants out there, perhaps a five-inch iPhone 6 could regenerate the race.

iPhone 6 coming as a range could be a clever solution to Apple’s problem, which is beating Samsung’s availability and device range. Samsung has the Galaxy S3 Mini, at 4-inches; the Galaxy S3, at 4.7-inches; the Galaxy Note 2, at 5.5-inches and the Galaxy Note 8.0, at 8-inches. They have every area covered.

Apple may also see this as a way to bring out another line of devices, one for the emerging markets, one for the mid-range buyers and one for the high-tier, Apple lovers. We also expect Apple to bring out an iWatch and a new generation of Apple TV, if reports are true.

[Source: Mashable]