Early rumors said the iPhone 6 would ship in first half of the year, just like last year. Pfft, silly rabbits, the iPhone 6 will ship in the Fall.

Back in January rumors were flying fast and furious that iPhone 6 would launch in the first half of the year. Funny, but the same rumors circulated in 2013. Guess what? Didn’t happen then, ain’t gonna happen now — the iPhone 6 ship date is Fall.

Crazy days. In these final days before WWDC 2014, which kicks off with a Tim Cook keynote at 10am (PST) on June 2, and mostly over the last 24 hours, the Apple rumor mill has gone into overdrive.

Apple is thought to be ready to release cheap iMacs (ie $999 and up) and introduce the Apple Smart Home concept.

Compared to those rumor rumbles, news out of Germany seems downright tame. According to Apfelpage, Deutsche Telekom service representatives are telling customers that the iPhone 6 will ship on September 19.

It has, therefore, the call center tasked with customers, whose contract expires in about the launch of the model, to convince them to extend their tariff – but then with an iPhone 6 in the luggage. We are talking about a launch date of the device at September 19, 2014 at Telekom and probably the same in the Apple Stores.

How could Deutsche Telekom know so precisely? Actually, they probably don’t — the iPhone 5s shipped on September 20, 2013 and, given that Apple’s a creature of habit, the iPhone 6 will likely ship around the same date.

For what it’s worth, the 2012’s iPhone 5 was introduced on September 21 and shipped on October 14.

Coming or going, September 20, 2014, will likely figure in Apple’s iPhone 6 planning.

Willing to wait for the iPhone 6, which is expected to be Apple first phablet style (4.7 inches or larger) communicator? Or, have you already bought something else?

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Via AppleInsider, Image Sonny Dickson