Price: $2.99    Score: 8/10    Category: Games

Developed by KlickTock, Little Things for the iPad is photo search combined with a puzzle game that will have you pining after the location of hidden items. The iSpy-like concept of the game is simple, but actually finding a needle in a haystack (or in this case ten stars in a pair of scissors) can be quite an engaging challenge.

While the cartoonish graphics featured in Little Things might make this come off like a children’s game initially, the difficulty is right up there with the best of them. Each level is comprised of a big picture made up of much smaller objects and it’s your job to find the objects listed on the right.

Sometimes you have to find a bunch of random objects, from a compass to a book, but other times you have to find ten socks or a series of like items. If you start to get frustrated you can rely on a hint button in the lower right hand corner that narrows down the scope of your search by closing in on the area where the object could be.

Depending on your performance on each level you receive a one word commentary (e.g. Excellent, Nice, etc) and a puzzle piece. After collecting enough puzzle pieces you advance to a puzzle. The puzzles start with four squares and grow in number as your progress.

You can also refer to your overall progress in the game, see which pictures you’ve unlocked, and collect a series of ten badges based on various accomplishments like completing an entire puzzle without using a single hint or completing ten puzzles in a row, unlocking all ten pictures, or finding 1000 objects.

As you progress the game gets more difficult. Puzzles are made up of more pieces and speed modes are added to the mix, forcing you to find a single item at a time while the clock ticks down toward the end of the level.

All said and done this game is fun but not groundbreaking. It’s probably a little too difficult to keep kids engaged but a little too childish and ordinary to keep adults engaged for any sort of long period of time. If you’re an adult looking for a photo search game I would recommend Everest: Hidden Expedition over this app. You’ll probably find Everest more engaging and more graphically stunning in comparison.

If you’re looking for a fun game for the whole family or just something to play when you have a moment here or there, Little Things is a good stand by with a clean interface and well designed game play.

Bottom Line: Little Things is a fun little iSpy like game with a cartoonish design and timeless feel. This is a great game to have on hand for found moments and gameplay for the entire family.