MemoZy iPhone App

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MemoZy is an iPhone app developed by DesignPlusD Inc. Boasting that it has “the best usability and functionality compared to any task organizer app for iPhone and iPad,” MemoZy is a productivity tool for iOS.

MemoZy sets out to be an all-purpose app for jotting down reminders, ideas, or notes. The app’s default setup breaks the screen down into “To Do,” “Work,” and “Private” note taking areas.

By dragging up on the bottom of the screen, you can create additional note areas. There are six different header colors to choose from, making it easy to color code various areas of the screen.

MemoZy iPhone App MemoZy iPhone App

I can’t get over how simple and delightful this interface is. MemoZy is not only attractive, but thoughtfully organized. It’s a tool that just feels right under your fingertips, and it has a multitude of uses.

MemoZy works great in either portrait or landscape mode, which gives this app a feeling of great flexibility. Tiles can be broken into sub-tiles, either horizontally or vertically. You can also send your notes via email, or organize them into prioritized lists.

MemoZy iPhone App MemoZy iPhone App

Overall, this app has been thoughtfully designed. Controls are intuitive, the design is flexible, and the app itself is incredibly useful. Whether you need an app for making grocery lists or recording ideas for your next business meeting, MemoZy is an app worth checking out.

Available for free for a limited time only, now is definitely the time to grab this helpful productivity app. It’s the ideal tool for quickly jotting down the location, time, and contact info for your next meeting.

Want to see this app in action? Check out this video demo on .

MemoZy requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.