Note 7 update will push users to return their phones
Note 7 update will push users to return their phones

The Note 7 was a debacle. A million memes have been shared since the day it was reported that the device explodes for reasons unknown. Samsung’s first recall was supposed to solve it but that problem continued to persist and the company killed the smartphone. Finally, around 85 percent of Notes 7s in the US have been returned.

That still leaves 15 percent, that’s 285,000 phones (yea, the company sold a lot of phone in the US alone) still out to be exploded any time. Samsung did report the status of the return program in the US but has not yet commented on how many phones have been returned in different parts of the world other than the US.

For the remaining phones still unaccounted for in the US, the company says, it has started taking measures that will annoy the users to return the phones. Samsung is releasing an update to Note 7s that will show a pop-up message saying that the phone shall be returned every time the screen is turned on. It will also limit the battery capacity to 60%, spoiling the experience of the phone. The update will be making way on all the carriers in the US – Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have already confirmed.

The company is also issuing similar updates around the globe – including South Korea, Europe, and Australia – the battery capacity will be limited to 60%. The carrier providers in New Zealand have gone a step ahead and have put preventive measures to stop Note 7s from connecting to their networks.

Samsung says its fully committed to bring back the remaining Note 7s and the updates rolling out soon will push the users to return their devices. It’s been a month since the company started the work on a complete recall program and ceased the manufacture of the device; if you still have a Note 7 on you – just return it for your own sake and the one’s near you.