OnePlus 3 vs Galaxy S7 edge speed comparison video shows something quite different

For its hardware and the asking price of $399, OnePlus 3 offers users an impressively built smartphone with terrific hardware. However, as appealing as the handset might be to the budget crowd, when it comes to comparisons with the high-end devices, it is evident that OnePlus 3 will need quite a bit of tweaking before it can fully utilize its hardware effectively. This is because in a speed comparison test video, OnePlus 3 has more RAM than the entry-level notebook, but there is a drawback to having 6GB RAM and an aggressive memory manager.

First off, it cannot keep up with keeping apps within its memory, which is quite embarrassing as a OnePlus 3 features 2GB RAM more than a Galaxy S7. When firing up applications, Galaxy S7 is shown to be much faster possibly because of having a less aggressive memory management software. We believe that this is due to lack of effort placed on the software from the OnePlus 3 team. If they invested so much time and effort in making the internals and built quality of the smartphone so impressive, then the same level of attention should also have been placed when software is taken into account.

It is safe to say that after viewing these tests, the OnePlus team will have to work tirelessly to release a software update that can better help OnePlus 3 cope with its memory manager, otherwise the 6GB RAM count is going to be pointless. In the future, there are going to be smartphones being released that will boast 10-core processors and 8GB RAM, but none of that will matter if the software has not gone through its fair share of optimizations to provide that stellar user experience.

We hope that manufacturers are able to view this video carefully and take down substantial notes on what happens when you place too much emphasis on the hardware of the smartphone rather than its software.