Sony 4K movies

PS4 4K movies

Sony has confirmed PS4 4K movies really will be added to the next generation console and users will be able to download them onto the hard-drive and play them. For most users, this will be feature that is mostly unnecessary and unwanted, but for those that want to splash out on a top of the range 4K display, it will be a way to enjoy film in full resolution. We suspected Sony would bring the PS4 4K movies to the console, considering they are one of the few companies pioneering 4K televisions. We seen a huge range at CES this past month, and now Sony are ready to integrate this with their next generation console.

One of the major problems of PS4 4K movies is they will apparently take 100GB each to download, onto a console that is likely to have less than 500GB internal storage. The process to make the 4K movie much smaller is under way, but we still expect the digital download to take a few dozen gigabytes of storage.

The company says that the PlayStation Plus network will be the core to all content and distribution on the network. We believe Sony will offer digital games at release date, instead of a few months after as they do on the PS3. This will allow developers to offer digital only titles, to keep resale value from falling.

The whole idea of PS4 4K seems far fetched for the common, 32″ LCD TV gamer, but for those lucky few that have an extra $20,000 sitting in the rainy day fund, there may be a market for PS4 4K movies. For people wondering why you would need a 4K TV to display 4K movies, you can still buy the 4K download, we believe, but it will just mean the resolution will be dropped down to what your TV can offer best, either 720 or 1080p.

If you had an extra $20k lying around, would you buy 4K TV for the best movies and TV, or is it a complete waste? Tell us in the comments!