Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Press

If you love the Samsung Galaxy S3 but can’t get over the fact that it’s as big as a brick, then you’re in luck — the South Korean manufacturer has crafted a smaller 4-inch version of the device that’s appropriately called Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Press

Samsung’s phones have constantly been increasing in size with each subsequent release. Heck, the already massive 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note had a successor that added another half an inch to its display size. But for some reason, Samsung decided to buck the trend it started and released a miniaturized version of one of their flagship Android devices — the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

So what differences can you expect in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini? Mobile Geeks¬†reports that it will have a 5 MP camera versus the 8 MP shooter that the Galaxy S3 has. What’s really disappointing though is that the Mini houses a less powerful dual-core 1.0 GHz processor, compared to the 1.4 GHz quad-core beast that’s powering its bigger counterpart. It will also just have a 1500 mAh battery, smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3’s, but it may not be so bad since the Mini does come with a less demanding processor and screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Comparison

Interestingly, Pocket-Lint noticed that the specs for the Mini appear very similar to another Samsung device, the Samsung Galaxy S Advance. This has lead them to speculate that the Samsung Galaxy S Advanced was repackaged and slapped with a more recognizable name to sell more units.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini? Would you choose this over other 4-inc devices like the iPhone 5? Sound off in the comments below!