Rayman is a renowned platform game series that has had a variety of releases on consoles like the Wii, PlayStation, 3DS, Vita, Wii U, Xbox. It is considered one of the best platform series alongside the Mario and Sonic franchises. Now Ubisoft has released its latest addition to the franchise, Rayman Adventures, on the iOS and Android platforms this December.
Rayman adventures

Rayman Adventures has a similar 2D format to previous additions to the series. Unlike most platform games these days, it remains faithful to the traditional 2D side-scrolling format. Some installments to the series did embrace 3D, but this game reverts back to the original formula that launched the franchise.

In Rayman Adventures Rayman must rescue the stolen ancient eggs and Incrediballs creatures to regrow the Sacred Tree. Once rescued, the eggs do not hatch immediately; but players can speed up their hatching with elixirs. Collecting more Incrediballs grows the Sacred Tree. The Incrediballs can also help Rayman out on the levels.

In this game players control either Rayman or Barbara. They move through the levels automatically, but you can direct the direction they run and jump. In addition, players also take out the level monsters by swiping.

Ubisoft has certainly added plenty of graphical gloss to Rayman Adventures, as shown in the trailer video below. This is an iOS/Android game with graphics comparable to those you might find on Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable handhelds. It includes some great lighting effects, detailed backgrounds, amazing animations and a dazzling variety of colors. It runs at a specified 60 frames per second, and requires 89.3 megabytes of storage.

The best news is that Rayman Adventures is freely available for both the iOS and Android (and the Apple TV). Note that the game requires iOS 8 or Android 4.1 or higher. It includes in-app purchases for starter packs, gems and foods.

So Rayman Adventures could be a ‘cracker’ of game to add to your tablet or phone this December. You can find further details for Rayman Adventures at the Ubisoft website. Alternatively, check out its pages on the Google Play or iTunes websites.

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