Windows 8

When it comes to tablets, iPad is still King. The big question though is “for how long?” Love or hate iPad, it’s hard to deny that it has been a popular product. So why will it fall? It’s inevitable that the massive flood of competitive devices will eventually eat into the iPad’s market- just like what happened with the smartphone world.

Android has yet to dethrone the iPad from the tablet market, but will Windows 8 and RT seal the deal? In the past, Microsoft hasn’t exactly done well in the tablet space. What’s different this time? The big difference is that the entire OS has been revamped with touch in mind.

This means a new modern UI that is very similar to the existing Windows Phone interface. It also means that Windows has been reworked for ARM and x86 (Intel/AMD) processors alike.

Not everyone is thrilled with the desktop experience of Windows 8, but it’s new UI seems to work quite well with tablets. Okay, so why buy a Windows tablet over Android or iPad devices?

Windows 8 Compatibility

If you get an Intel/AMD tablet you will have a great touchscreen tablet that also can be paired with a mouse and keyboard for total transformation into an all-in-one PC. That’s because the Intel/AMD tablets will fully work with all older drivers and applications that you use on your Windows desktop or laptop.

For those that have mission-critical needs for Windows applications, this alone makes it worthwhile. More than likely, this compatibility will be most important in the business world.

What about ARM Windows tablets? They don’t support old-school applications and drivers, so why bother?


Windows RT – How Does it Compare?

It’s true. Windows RT (ARM) tablets will be limited to the new UI and the old-school Windows ‘desktop’ will only work with one application: Microsoft Office. The key to ARM versions being successful will be how well MS can attract app developers. As they stack up, there are few major reasons to go with an ARM Windows tablet versus an iPad or Android tablet.

There is one area where Windows RT still shines strong though: multiple users. We are in an age where families are moving away from shared desktop computers, instead opting to share a few tablets in the household. Window RT (and Win8) have a great multiple user system and even child-mode with special settings for keeping them safe and limiting what they can do through the tablet.

Windows 8 and RT – What Hardware Options Are There?

Many Windows 8 and RT devices are going to start be announced with Windows 8’s release imminent. That being said, there are already a few intriguing options on the table. Probably one of the most exciting is Microsoft Surface, a tablet made directly by the boys at Redmond.

This is a great tablet for those that want a laptop-like experience with it’s laptop case, and it even has a convenient kickstand.

Another intriguing option is the new Dell Latitude 10 tablet (pictured at the top of the article). This thing has a dock connector that adds extra ports and basically turns it into an all-in-one monitor. Add the keyboard and mouse and you’ll have a full Windows 8 Intel-based computer.

What do you think of Windows 8 and RT? Are you interested or will you stick with the iPad or your favorite Android tablet?