Apple’s iPod touch is the world’s most-popular gaming device and platform — more games, more fun and, for the competitive boys in your house, well, more boys to compete with. All of the titles in Tapscape’s Christmas 2012 list of 10 Great iOS Games for Boys have been tested on fourth generation iPod touch and are 100 percent boy approved.

Because we are talking about boys, this top 10 iOS game list is dominated by simulated violence with the two notable exceptions being The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Subway Surfers, which are nonetheless action heavy.

With that said, in no particular order, here is Tapscape’s 10 Great iOS Games for Boys — get ’em and enjoy…

• Command & Conquer Red Alert ($0.99) — The Cold War is hot, hot, hot again in this classic real-time strategy game with three skill levels, 12 combat levels and multiplayer/Game Center support.

Zombie Tsunami (free) — The real enemy? Humans. Put on your Santa hat, join the zombie mob and get your fill of tasty, tasty brainz and flesh, don’t forget the flesh.

• Clash of Clans (free) — Stay off the moors! No, wait, that’s something different. Lead your clan to victory while dressed in a Santa hat. Build your village, train your troops and lead them to glory! By the way, we have a Clash of Clans strategy guide if you encounter any trouble.

• The Simpsons: Tapped Out (free) — The best game of the year? Perhaps not, but easily the most popular. Help Homer spruce up Springfield and bring it all to life with a Winter/Yule theme — Lard Lad Donuts, mmm…

• Subway Surfers (free) — Temple Run? Nope, but the gameplay will be very familiar to the older boys in your group. Come on, dad, get in the game and let your kids roughshod in this remake of a classic.

All of the titles in Tapscape's Christmas 2012 list of 10 Great iOS Games for Boys have been tested on fourth generation iPod touch and are 100 percent boy approved

• Modern Warfare (free) — Dominate! Build a global military empire and rain death on your enemies. Use your cunning, guts and skill to rule the world!

• Big Win Basketball (free) — The #1 sports game in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Sweden, this game is a slam-dunk. It’s all net from tip off to the winning shot.

• Touch Tanks 2: Europe (free) — Nearly two score tank types to choose from and nearly a score of upgrades. Take to the field of battle (wi-fi, cellular) and fight for true global dominance against player from around the world.

• Zombie Gunship ($0.99) — The “real” angry bird? Take the gunner seat in an AC-130 gunship and protect the survivors of a zombie apocalypse from wave after wave of the undead.

• Trigger Fist (free) — Dominate your friends in intense modern day firefights across six unique environments in four multiplayer modes. Scratch your shooter itch in free-for-all, team deathmatch, king of the hill and sacred goat.

And, by “free,” we mean there will be paid in-app upgrades to tempt your boy — weapons, coins, power ups, new levels and much, much more. Yes, you can play to your heart’s content without the paid upgrades, but gird your iTunes Store account password.

What are your boy’s favorite iPod touch games? Share a story and link in the comments below…