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1to19 Number Puzzle Game, developed by ELVES GAMES, is a puzzle game that promises to be interesting and fun by taking a relatively simple concept and turning it into a challenging game.

It’s simple – just find pairs of identical numbers or numbers with sum equal to 10 and erase them. To erase the numbers, they have to be on the same level horizontally or vertically and shouldn’t be separated by any other number.

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Whilst a seemingly simple concept, the game becomes challenging very quickly, and it is this level of difficultly that makes it so addictive.

The goal? Simple. Clear the entire board of all the numbers within 50 moves. The developer baits the user by claiming the game can be beaten in only 36 moves, and if any of you come close to that I’d be very impressed.

That’s the goal in the Classic mode, but there is also an Endless mode that will only end when there are no moves left to be made – perfect for beginners wishing to practise and get a grip on the concept.

With a purely simple user interface, perfect balance of colours, and an easy pick up and play factor, 1to19 Number Puzzle Game is a great App, and best of all is free in the Google Play Store.